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The Design Doha Forum (DDF) is an integral part of the Design Doha Biennale that aspires to create a rich and dynamic discourse platform to explore the profound influence of design on all aspects of our lives.

This year’s theme: "Urban Canvas: Empowering Communities through City Branding and Design Collaborations," drived vibrant dialogue around city branding, design collaborations, and their transformative potential to enrich lives and strengthen community bonds. By examining global design trends, traditional craftsmanship, the role of design in museums, and the sway of contemporary art and architecture in Arab countries, the forum broadened perspectives and inspired innovative approaches to urban development.

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With a dynamic lineup of keynote speakers and panel discussions, the forum aimed to facilitate collaborations and knowledge-sharing among diverse stakeholders, from designers and architects to policymakers and community leaders, to collectively shape sustainable and culturally rich urban environments. In doing so, the forum demonstrated a conceptual commitment to leveraging design as a powerful force for positive change, social agency, and the holistic betterment of cities and communities. Ultimately, this forum's goal is to inspire attendees to envision cities as living canvases where design serves as a vehicle for communication, personal and community empowerment, economic growth, and meaningful cultural exchange.