Forum Day 4

DESIGN DOHA FORUM DAY 4: Design Ecosystems

Past Event

The 4th day of the forum explored the intricate interplay of design across diverse ecosystems, emphasizing its transformative potential in social, economic, and cultural spheres. Beginning with a focus on design education, the discussion will stress design’s pivotal role in fostering social innovation and economic development, emphasizing the importance of art and design schools in shaping future cultural instigators. Shifting to community development, the conversation examined how design shapes communal identities and urban landscapes, with a case study of Doha highlighting practical applications and visionary strategies for enhancing living spaces and promoting inclusivity. Museums are also design showcases: spatial narratives, curation, and architecture all contribute to immersive experiences, education, and global cultural dialogue. Together, these discussions illuminated the multifaceted impact of design across diverse ecosystems, spanning education, community development, and cultural institutions.

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Day 4 Programme

Design Ecosystems

4:00-4:50 PM

Innovation by Education: Design's Role in Social and Economic Development

Panelists | Maryam Al-Homaid | Kevin Mitchell | Michael Rock | Crystal Williams
Moderator | Amir Berbić

The panel addressed the transformative power of design education as a catalyst for social and economic progress. Through the intersection of theory and practice, this discussion explored the potential of design education to shape individuals, inspire discovery, and reshape communities, underscoring its vital role in moulding a brighter future.


4:50-5:35 PM

Fostering Community Through Design: The Case of Doha

Panelists | Ali Al Kuwari | Mohammed Saad Al-Rumaihi
Moderator | Engin Ayaz

How do visual culture and design shape communities? This insightful discussion revealed the intricate interplay between design and the holistic development of communities within Doha. Drawing on the expertise of the panelists, who are at the helm of two of the country’s leading cultural institutions, Qatar Museums and Msheireb Properties, the conversation explored the transformative role of design in shaping the city, fostering inclusivity, and nurturing vibrant communal ideas. With a focus on practical examples and visionary strategies, the panel examined how thoughtful design interventions can enhance living spaces, promote sustainable growth, and amplify the sense of belonging within the unique context of Doha. Ultimately, this conversation underscored the power of design in redefining the urban fabric and elevating the quality of life for all residents.


5:55-6:45 PM

The Enchanted Vessel: Museum as a Design Showcase

Panelists | Samir Bantal | Ben van Berkel | Manuela Lucà-Dazio
Moderator | Sheikha Reem Al Thani

This panel navigated the intricate relationship between design and museums, unearthing the transformative power of spatial narratives, curation, and architecture within cultural institutions. The conversation delved into how design shapes the visitor experience, reimagines the presentation of art and artifacts, and creates immersive environments that evoke emotion, learning, and contemplation. The panel provided insights into how these curated spaces serve as vessels of inspiration, education, and cultural dialogue for audiences worldwide.