Past Event

Join us to discover the attractions, secrets and power of the design biennales. Since the turn of the last century, biennials have emerged as the most attractive platforms for exhibiting art, design, and architecture. These events inspire dialogues and forge fresh connections, fundamentally altering the landscape of creative industries. No longer confined to Western capitals, cultural vitality now thrives in regions like the Arabian Peninsula, exemplified by biennials in Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Ula, and now Doha, signifying a vibrant desire for global engagement and cultural exchange. They also signal a collective aspiration to nurture outbound connections, reflecting a transformative shift in the traditional power centers of the art world.

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Day 1 Programme


5:40-6:00 PM

Opening Statement: Connecting, by Design

Speaker | Rafal Niemojewski

At the turn of the last century, biennials have become the most significant form of contemporary exhibition-making. They are laboratories for new ideas and drivers of multidisciplinary discourses surrounding art, design, and architecture. Biennials are also generators of new encounters and connections, and as such, they have been responsible for substantially reshaping the geographies of creative and cultural industries, which no longer solely revolve around the few Western capitals empowered throughout modernity. The biennials in Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Ula - and now Doha - are emblematic of the tremendous cultural potential in the Arabian Peninsula and the desire to foster outbound connections.


6:00-7:00 PM

Design Biennales -Developing Creative Industries Worldwide

Panelists | Victoria Broackes | Glenn Adamson | Richard Lombard
Moderator | Edwin Heathcote

Establishing major platforms for design and architecture has led to some amazing creative and social developments worldwide. This panel explores how these cultural showcases catalyze innovation, cross-cultural exchange, and economic growth. The speakers illustrated how design biennales encourage collaboration, spotlight emerging talents, and shape the future of various creative sectors. Furthermore, they highlighted the profound impact that these platforms have had on enriching design landscapes and nurturing the growth of creative economies worldwide.