Forum Day 2

DESIGN DOHA FORUM DAY 2: Crafting Futures

Past Event

The second day of the Forum discussed the fusion of tradition and innovation, from the dynamic synergy of traditional craftsmanship and technology to the intricate spirit of Arab and global contemporary design. Participants learned about sustainable models for traditional crafts and the viability of craftsmanship in the digital age. These discussions unraveled opportunities and challenges, unveiling profound implications for design sustainability, cultural heritage, and societal, cultural, and economic realms. The pannels included transformative dialogues that transcended boundaries, CRAFTING FUTURES for design in the MENA region and worldwide.

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Day 2 Programme

Crafting Futures

3:00-3:45 PM

Heritage Innovations: Integrating Tradition and Technology into Design Evolution

Panelists | David, the Earl of Snowdon | Maria Tripodi | Maryam Omar | Farah Al Yasin
Moderator | Gwen Farrelly

This panel explores the dynamic interplay between time-honored craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies. The discussion exposed the opportunities and challenges inherent in this convergence, delving into its profound impact on design sustainability and the preservation of cultural heritage. This conversation was not just about the coexistence of tradition and innovation, but rather about the understanding how this fusion redefines and shapes prevailing design trends worldwide.


3:45-4:30 PM

Taking Stock: Arab Design Now

Panelists | Dima Srouji | Amina Agueznay | Sahel Alhiyari
Moderator | Rana Beiruti

Programmed alongside the headline exhibition Arab Design Now, the panel unearthed the nuanced essence of the exhibition by delving deep into its key themes and conceptual bedrock. In the Arab world, contemporary design emerged as a response to the distinctive regional geographies, a symbiotic relationship with sustainable materials, and a commitment to fostering enduring community connections.


4:50-5:35 PM

Crafting Futures: Models for the Revival and Innovation of Traditional Crafts

Panelists | Sara Ouhaddou | Jovana Zhang | Adrian Pepe
Moderator | Gwen Farrelly

Inspired by the works at the Design Doha Exchange exhibition Qatar | Morocco: Crafting Design Futures at Liwan Design Studios & Labs, this panel looked at models of striving to sustain, enrich, and innovate within traditional crafts towards new practices and through design collaborations and exchanges. The panel offered a view into diverse models that work towards this shared goal: from that of an individual maker, to a collective library that seeks to support craft across an entire nation, to a leadership model and residency program aimed at reviving craft traditions in Qatar and the region.


5:35-6:20 PM

Exploring the Intersection of Craft and Design for Future Creation

Panelists | Azizbek Mannopov | Nada Debs | Abdulrahman Al Muftah
Moderator | Cyril Zammit

The panel explored the intersection and cross-pollination of traditional craft techniques and emergent technologies. By bringing together perspectives from Uzbekistan, Lebanon, and Qatar, it illuminated the broader evolution of craftsmanship across diverse cultural landscapes.  Delving deeper, the discourse examined whether modern technologies serve as catalysts or obstacles in the natural evolution of traditional arts. It ventured into crucial inquiries: Are age-old artistic practices at risk due to the encroachment of new technologies? How does the utilization of AI and computing redefine the very essence of craftsmanship? Moreover, the discussion uncovered the necessary shifts in approaches to transmitting knowledge and preserving practices in this evolving landscape. By examining these intersections, the panel not only shed light on the evolution of crafts but also invited contemplation on design’s larger implications for societal, cultural, and economic realms.