DESIGN DOHA FORUM DAY 3: The Power of Design

Past Event

The third day of the forum explored THE POWER OF DESIGN where innovation meets cultural heritage and societal evolution. These dialogues and sportlight talks revealed the significance of design in our private and public spheres, from preserving Middle Eastern narratives to understanding design's impact on global culture. The panels discussed designs that have shaped history and society, and explore the transformative influence of contemporary Arab art and architecture, and how design fosters cross-cultural dialogue and challenges conventions, shaping the future of global design discourse alongside technology and culture.

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Day 3 Programme

The Power of Design

4:00-4:30 PM

Nurturing Cultural Heritage Through Design in the Middle East

Speaker | Samer Yamani

In his keynote address, Samer Yamani explored the crucial role of design in safeguarding, innovating, and promoting the cultural heritage of the Middle East. The emphasis was on illuminating the deep interconnection between indigenous narratives, communities, and modern design methodologies. This interplay is fundamental for cultivating and inspiring design environment in the region. The presentation delved into the efforts of both the public and private sector, showcasing their active involvement in shaping a transformative era of design in the Middle East. The talk also illustrated the impact of these initiatives on the design and creative landscape of the region.


4:30-5:20 PM

Agent of Change: How Design Shapes Society and Culture

Panelists | Ibrahim Jaidah | Tim Marlow | David Chipperfield
Moderator | Jelena Trkulja

Throughout history, design and technological innovation have driven society forward, redefining our culture in the process. From the creation of a bicycle, through sleek and intuitive interfaces of the smartphones to groundbreaking architecture that redefines urban spaces, design plays a key role in shaping our lifestyles, environments, and culture. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, design’s partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) has become a catalyst for cultural shifts. What are the traditional and contemporary trends that are shaping design and, consequently, our society and culture? The panel explored the power of design and architecture to shape our environment, habits and lifestyles, while exposing anxieties inherent in pursuit of technological progress amidst the looming spectre of the impending climate catastrophe.


5:40-6:30 PM

Emerging Trends: Contemporary Art and Architecture in Arab Countries and Their Role in Global Design Trends

Panelists | Banan AlYaquby | Basma Bouzo | Jassim Alsaddah
Moderator | Jelena Trkulja

This discussion explored the role that contemporary art and architecture in Arab countries has evolved in recent decades and came to play a significant role in global design trends. The conversation navigated through the fusion of cultural narratives, innovative aesthetics, and societal impacts that emanate from the dynamic MENA region. Through this lens, the panel explored how these creative expressions act as catalysts for cross-cultural dialogue, challenge conventions, and contribute to the ever-evolving global design discourse.


6:30-7:00 PM

The Future of Design Is Now

Speaker | Joris Laarman
Moderator | Glenn Adamson

Amsterdam-based designer Joris Laarman has been at the forefront of the discipline throughout his two-decade career. In this conversation, he joined Glenn Adamson, Artistic Director of Design Doha, for a discussion of new possibilities opening up in design today, including additive manufacturing, algorithmic form generation, and radically sustainable processes and materials. As one case study, they discussed the Doha Dragon – an extraordinary monumental seating sculpture made using Laarman’s self-invented technology Mx3D with 3D-printed sand – a new public artwork in the Msheireb, Doha Design District.