Past Exhibition

This installation invites visitors to be seated in the dark room surrounded by four loudspeakers in which they can experience a ”Deep Listening” of recording made across different ecosystems. While observing the phenomena projected image from the Cymascope which allow sound to be visualise in this case through the water vibration.

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The world as we know it is changing

Image courtesy of GSound

Soon the audience perception start to change and they find themselves immersed in an ever- shifting soundscape, with flowing river and noise of the human activity, but also narrated memories connected to fresh water in different languages. Event if the artist let the audience having their own interpretation, this is a strong ecologically oriented artwork.

The World as we know it is changing

Image courtesy of GSound

With many level of emotional questioning and self reflection such human precedence dominating the planet and access to fresh water, the artist bring the audience on a journey to disconnect from the world.