Past Exhibition

A marvel of 3D printing, Jalset Sawa echoes the undulating sand dunes of Doha, seamlessly blending design with the landscape. Crafted from recycled plastic, its organic form conceals an ingeniously integrated seating structure, maintaining a continuous, unbroken aesthetic resulting in a sculptural piece that is functional.

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Jalset Sawa

The challenge of merging industrial materiality with fine dining elegance is triumphantly met through its sculptural, futuris=c shape, and the luxurious touch of cushioned leather upholstery. This piece stands as a testament to the harmony of form, func=on, and sustainability, skillfully merging new materiality and technology with modern and elevated seLngs. Additionally, it's designed for multifunctional use—adaptable for lounge seating, dining, and public spaces, with a modular capability to expand or shrink based on the specific use and location, redefining elegance in a contemporary context.

Image courtesy of Sanad Doha

Image courtesy of Sanad Doha