Past Exhibition

It’s a celebration of Qatar’s multicultural ethos—a space where designers, artists, and Qatar’s community can come together to appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity, understand how design can be a catalyst for building bridges, and create a vibrant, inclusive future for all.

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Bringing together a collective of designers and artists whose work reflects a profound cultural statement through various mediums and forms. Embodying the essence of Qatar's multicultural society, Cultural Kinship pays tribute to a nation that embraces diversity, fosters innovation, and continually expands and evolves the meaning of cultural identity.

It's a vibrant intersection where the old meets the new, tradition intertwines with modernity, and cultural bridges are built through the universal language of design. 

Designers: Wael Morcos Maryam Al-Homaid, Marco Bruno, Giovanni Innella, Yasmeen Suleiman, House of Today, Abdulrahman Muftah, Thomas Modeen, Asma El-Derouiche, Joe Bou Abboud, Levi Hammett,The Project, Majdulin Nasrallah

Cultural Kinship

Image courtesy of Studio 7