Taken in Abu Dhabi, UAE at 421, by Jochen Braun, February 2023



100/100 — HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS is an independent platform dedicated to celebrating Arabic graphic design. Its vision is to document the contemporary visual culture of the Arab world, aiming to inspire, connect and educate new talents, academics and professionals. Furthermore, the initiative strives to enhance the global visibility and perception of Arabic graphic design.

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At the core of 100/100's activities is the HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS competition, where an independent jury selects the top 100 posters every two years. Over the last decade, four rounds have been completed, resulting in the selection of 400 winning posters from over 7,400 submissions spanning 23 countries. This marks its inaugural presentation in Qatar.

100/100 HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS - Round 4 is a showcase of the leading graphic designers from the world today, a collaboration with the American University in Cairo.

Glenn Adamson, Exhibition curator and artistic director of Design Doha

Displayed here are the hundred posters from the fourth and most recent competition round. Together, they embody a vibrant cross-section of graphic innovation in the Arab-speaking world, showcasing the rethinking of script, image, and style in contemporary times.

The jurors for this selection include Nora Aly, Lina Ghaibeh, Nassim Azarzar, Ghalia Elsrakbi, and Ali Almasri. The Co-Directors for 100/100 — HUNDRED BEST ARABIC POSTERS are Jochen Braun, Ryan Vincente Lee Grees, and Regina Rammelt.

100 best Arabic posters